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welding I am capable and have been certified in.

Welding that I capable of performing

GTAW (TIG) aluminum, steel (carbon and stainleas), titanium, hastealloy, magnesium.

SMAW, carbon and stainless steel, nickel, cobalt

GMAW (MIG), carbon, SS, aluminum

PAW ( plasma arc) steel, hardening alloy.

SAW (submerged arc welding) carbon steel

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A Diverse Background in all things metal

Weld Processes...TIG, MIG, SMAW,GMAW, PAW, SAW. Forty Five years experience welding aluminum, Stainless Steels, Carbon Steel, exotics like Titanium, Magnesium, Inconels, Hastalloys, etc.

Grew up in a welding and metalworking family. Got my start working with my father. He taught me so many things about welding and layout work. He had an eight grade education, but before he retired he had become the superintendent of one of the largest structural steel and miscellaneous shops in the southern US. He self taught himself geometry and calculus and taught layout skills to many men. Loved my dad...my best friend and will always be missed.

Several of my uncles were into it too (told ya it was a family). Some of the skills included the minutemen and atlas missile silos, power plants, paper mills, and vessel work.

My abilities were developed at all the above industries as well as in aircraft work, and aerospace.

Things you might want to know!

  • I have everything I need to do certified welding and expert metal fabrication, (in-shop or mobile), including:
  • residential stairs, rails, lawn sculptures...architectural artwork in metal, or repair of practically anything that comprised of many metals and/or metal alloys.
  • Most important thing you might want to know is that I charge less than half what other job shops charge with zero overhead. I am a one man shop, but when circumstances (larger jobs) dictate I have manpower when I need it.
  • I can do very small jobs all the way to larger ones.

Better Results& Better Pricing!

I will 100% guarantee my work and will beat competitors pricing. If you bring a intent to bid from another contractor; I will beat their pricing by at least 5%. Period.


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